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Story Delphine





Japanese Kimono creation

Delphine is a lady who has traveled a lot all over the world. When she saw the Silk Kimono in my studio she was immediately transported to her travels. Together we thought about how to use this beautiful old Kimono in a modern outfit. That's how this Robe-Manteau was born. A unique piece for an exceptional woman.

To make this dress, you first had to unstitch each piece of the kimono, taking care not to damage it. A kimono is made up of 38 cm long strips of fabric.

The complexity of creating this Robe-Coat was to assemble these strips of Kimono together, trying to respect the patterns of the original Kimono.

Once the assembly is done, and come the invisible sewing with an original silk lining of the Kimono.

following this work came the time for alterations and adjustments so that Delphine felt elegant and comfortable in this Kimono Dress Coat


I am delighted with this magnificent result, I love the fact that I was able to transform this Kimono into a unique Robe-Coat.

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" Anastasia "

magnifique résultat j'adore le fait d'avoir une tenue unique, un Haori transformer en une Robe d'exception.

                                                                Biarriz juin 2021

" Aude" 

Je suis ravis au delà de mes espérance et le rendu magnifique je me sent à l'aise avec et en même temps très classe.

                                                             Biarriz juillet 2021

" David " 

Je tiens à remercier Elina de chez biarritzcouture j'ai offert à ma femme une tenue magnifique que ma femme met en valeur à chaque soirée merci beaucoup au plaisir.

                                                      Biarriz decembre 2022

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