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Story Delphine

Minami biarritz couture
7 avenue du braou
64200 Biarritz
07 77 77 67 22


Upcycling Japanese Kimono

Delphine is a lady who has traveled extensively all over the world. When she saw the silk
Kimono in my workshop she was immediately transported back to her travels. Together we
thought about how we could transform this beautiful old Kimono into a modern outfit.

That's how this Coat Dress was born. A unique piece for an exceptional woman.

To make this dress, I first had to unpick each piece of the kimono, making sure not to damage it.A kimono is made up of 38 cm long strips of fabric.The complexity of creating this Coat Dress was to assemble these strips of Kimono while tryingto respect the patterns of the original Kimono.

Once the assembly was done, the pieces were sewn together and lined with the original silk
lining of the Kimono.
Last but not least came the hour of fitting and adjustments so that Delphine feels elegant and
comfortable in this Kimono Dress Coat.


I am thrilled by this beautiful result and love that it was possible to turn this Kimono into a unique
Coat Dress.

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